The Wings' CE Trust

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Our growth principles:

  • We are respectful of school ‘uniqueness’; we are not carbon copies and serve different communities
  • Not too big that we lose our sense of identity and relationships; not too fast that we lose capacity. For us this is approximately 10 schools/7,500 pupils
  • We are a Church of England trust with an inclusive vision to enable pupils in both Church and non-Church schools to flourish within their context.
  • We are open to the prospect of all education sectors joining us (Secondary, 6th Form, Special Schools, Alternative Provision, Free schools, Nurseries)
  • We ensure we have the capacity to grow by ‘front loading’ growth
  • Our structures, systems and processes are organic and will be reviewed according to our rate of growth

Our growth is aimed at expanding the role our schools play at the heart of their communities in terms of public benefit and civic duty by driving up aspirations and outcomes for as many children as possible so that they can ‘spread their wings and fly’.


Benefits of joining The Wings' CE Trust


  • Being able to collaborate with schools that share our ethos and values. Strong collaboration, with shared accountability, can lead to better progress and attainment for pupils, and help schools meet rising expectations.
  • Sharing of expertise and joint staff development. Shared professional development can more easily be arranged, whether led by staff from one of the partner schools or an outside body.
  • Greater capacity to grow and develop our own leaders. Improved career progression for talented staff, allowing us to recruit and retain high quality people
  • Workload reduction- Reduced burden through shared responsibilities and centralised back-office functions ensures the focus in a school is on teaching and learning and not administration
  • Being able to retain school identity -uniform etc
  • Increased financial security: Financial gains and economies of scale mean that there is a reduction in individual costs and therefore greater flexibility within school budgets to re-invest in teaching and learning



Our current plans to grow The Wings’ CE Trust are focused on finding good or outstanding schools with similar values and principles to join us as a strong partner. This would provide an exciting opportunity to influence our growth at a critical time of change in the wider organisation of schools.


If you would like to learn more about The Wings’ CE Trust or are considering becoming a member, we would be delighted to hear from you.

For an initial conversation please contact us: